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Academic year

Normally, the period from the third week of September to the second week of July.


The authorization to register for a program of study at the University of Mazandaran. Your offer of admission is only valid for the session indicated and is cancelled if you do not register.  

Dual degree

A degree that meets the requirements of both the home and host universities, allowing students to receive two different degrees, one from each university. 

Exchange student

A student from a partner university taking part in an exchange program at the University of Mazandaran. The exchange is based on an MoU between the student’s home university and the host university (the University of Mazandaran).

Expression of interest

A written expression of interest in a potential partnership signed by an interested party confirming its intentions and plans.

Faculties of UMZ

·         Faculty of Arts and Architecture

·         Faculty of Marine and Oceanic Sciences

·         Faculty of Cultural heritage, Handicraft and Tourism

·         Faculty of Technology and Engineering

·         Faculty of Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences

·         Faculty of Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

·         Faculty of Chemistry

·         Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

·         Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

·         Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

·         Faculty of Basic Sciences

·         Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

International exchange agreements 

Agreements furthering education-related cooperation enabling students from the University of Mazandaran and partner universities to participate in exchanges over a specified amount of time.

International student

A student from a country other than Iran, neither an Iranian citizen nor permanent resident, who must pay international tuition fees. A differential tuition fee exemption for new international students registered full time in a Persian-language program, according to the following conditions:

·         Undergraduate programs (bachelor’s)

·         Graduate programs (master’s and doctorate)

Letter of permission

A document authorizing students to transfer temporarily to another university and to receive credits that can be transferred to their home university. Tuition fees are paid to the host university. 

Memorandum of understanding

An agreement signed between two parties including rights and obligations.

Partner institutions

Foreign postsecondary institutions that have signed exchange agreements with the University of Mazandaran.


The action through which you formally enroll in a program. You can register online or with the help of OISC staff. 

Research agreement 

The main agreement or an appendix to a memorandum of understanding specifying details related to joint research between partner institutions.

Satellite campus

A campus removed from the main campus. It can be located in another city, or province and is usually smaller than the main campus. Satellite campuses might share the same administration but have separate budgets and resources. UMZ currently has one satellite campus in the city of Nowshahr.

Sponsored student

A student whose studies at the University of Mazandaran are funded in whole or in part by his or her government or by a third party.  This financial support often includes tuition, health insurance and living expenses.

Summer Exchange Program

A program that allows students to study abroad part time during the summer with paying the usual international student fees.

Undergraduate (3-4 years)

Programs leading to a bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate certificate. Undergraduate programs are the next step after you receive your secondary school diploma (or the equivalent if you have studied outside of Iran). On completion of your program, you receive one of the following:

Bachelor’s (3-4 years): A degree received at the end of a three of four year (up to 140 credits) undergraduate program.