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A UMZ Faculty Member is conducting a joint international research with the Armenian government

Dr. Mostafa Rostami, faculty member of the Department of Handicrafts of UMZ, is conducting a joint research titled “A Comparative Study of the Styles and Techniques Used on the Covers of Divine Books of Islam and Christianity” in partnership with the Armenian government.

In addition to studying the history and culture of the art of bookbinding in the two great civilizations of Islam and Christianity, he studies the most exquisite Quran and Bible covers in terms of the styles and techniques used in their bookbinding in a case study of Iranian and Armenian manuscripts.

In his recent trip to Armenia, Dr. Rostami has also held a seminar for members of the Institute of Oriental Studies (an affiliate of Armenian National Academy of Sciences), who are experts in the bookbinding of Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English and Roman literature manuscripts, explaining his research and talking about the developments and characteristics of Islamic bookbinding.

It is worth mentioning that this research has been funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran in partnership with the Armenian government.


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