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The 20th Conference of the Association of the Littoral States of the Caspian Sea

The 20th Association of Caspian Sea Universities Conference was held on Thursday
20th of Mehr at Atyrau University of Kazakhstan.
   On the sidelines of this conference and in the afternoon of the first days meeting
and in order to introduce Irans culture to the students and people of Kazakhstan,
the Persian Language and Culture Center was inaugurated with the efforts of the
International Office of the University of Mazandaran with the presence of Dr. Seyed
Khallagh Mirnia, President of the University of Mazandaran, Mr. Talebi, representative
of the International and Scientific Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Science,
Research and Technology(MSRT) and Dr. Mohammad Hosein Fatemi, vice-president of
Research and Technology of University of Mazandaran.
   Dr. Khallagh Mirnia, President of University of Mazandaran, expressed his happiness for opening such a center at Atyrau University and hoped that this would enhance the bilateral relations between the two universities and could help further improve the relations between the two people of Iran and Kazakhstan. He also talked about the reasons for opening such a center: “Students and people who are interested in Persian language and culture can attend classes that will be offered at this center and can get to know more about Iran through programs that will be taught by a professor of Persian language and literature; the Persian language teacher will be in Atyrau  and at the Persian Language and Culture Center within the coming weeks. 
   Dr. Mirnia also added that the Persian Language and Culture Center office would soon start at the National University of Dagestan.
He also commented that Dr. Mostafa Rostami’s project entitled  "The Common Heritage of the Peoples of the Littoral States of the Caspian Sea" was brought up at the meeting and was well-received by all member countries.
   It should be noted UMZ delegation consisted of Dr, Khallagh Mirnia, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Fatemi, and Dr. Masume Motamednia. 

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