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Report of UMZ Students starting academic courses at University of Opole in Poland under the Erasmus+ program

The Erasmus Program is a European Union (EU) student exchange program established in 1987. It aims to provide students with exchange opportunities between EU countries and other universities around the world.


Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Law

According to the agreement that was signed in 2016 between the University of Opole of Poland and the University of Mazandaran, 5 students were selected to study and participate in the program by the University of Mazandaran to study at Opole University.The following report will give a brief description of the University of Opole and the status of students that were sent there.

The University of Opole consisted of the Faculties of Chemistry, Economics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Science and Technology, Arts and Religious Sciences. The exchange students are studying at the two Faculties of Economics and Law.

The students will determine their courses by completing the learning agreement form before they are sent, and after that, if necessary, they are able to make changes to these courses with the agreement of the guide at the University of Mazandaran and University of Opole. The selective courses consist of optional and compulsory courses specified by the University of Opole.

Two compulsory courses called "English for Academic Purposes" and " Polish as a Foreign Language" are also provided for Erasmus students (both Ph.D. and Masters), in which all exchange students of University of Mazandaran participated. These classes are formed with class activities, presentations and oral and written examinations depending on the type of the course.

The Ph.D. Students generally do not have classes with a specific schedule for their chosen curriculum, and after being introduced to specified professors, and with their coordination and under their supervision, they conduct research and present seminars in their related fields. However, MA students receive a specific schedule for their classes at the time of registration. In this schedule, the date of all sessions of each class are specified. For example, a class may be held every week and another class only on specified dates.

For postgraduate courses, students are often required to submit and present relevant research which are particularly important to the professors. According to the curriculum and according to the opinion of professors, this research and presentation can take place in each session or once in a term.


Fereshteh Gholami - Narges Dehghani - Seyyedeh Mina Hosseini - Atefe Sheikholeslami

Niechcic Dormitory

Students residence is at the Niechcic dormitory. The dorm is a mixed dorm but, for cultural and religious reasons, there is a full suite consisting of two rooms, a kitchen and a sanitary service.

The location of the dormitory is very good since it has very easy access to faculties and shopping centers. Since Opole is a small town, one can travel to every part of the city.

The next location that is very well-liked by Erasmus students is the Foreign Languages Library. There are plenty of free classes in addition to the books available in many different languages and fields. Like classes in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and more. Also, in early April, the Persian Language and Literature course was established by the efforts and teaching of Ms. Atefeh Sheikh Islami (Ph.D. student of Criminal Law and Criminology).

Foreign Languages Library

Persian Language and Literature Class

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