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UMZ students at University of Opole in Poland for Spring Semester 2019

Four students from University of Mazandaran, Negar Shahriari, Reza Alipour, Seyed Ghoncheh Alizadeh, and Zahra Momeni , from the Economics, English Literature, and Sociology Departments will be spending one semester at University of Opole in Poland in fullfillment of Erasmus+ program. Erasmus+ is a student exchange project between European Union universities and developing countries aimed at cultural and scientific exchanges in order to enhance social capital. 
Students` selection method: At first, three students were selected from the designated educational group. The final selection of these candidates in the final interview was conducted by the relevant faculty members of the University of Opole in order to qualify their academic and linguistic abilities. After the final selection, the students selected with the help of the UMZ Office of International and Scientific Cooperation began completing the registration forms at the University of Opole and reserve interview time from Poland Embassy. 
The delegation of students sent a letter to the Office of International and Scientific Cooperation, acknowledging that they needed th cooperation of the Polish embassy with this project. After completing all the visa procedures, our trip began and after a one-stop flight in Ukraine, we arrived in Warsaw on Bahman 29, 1397, and after a few hours by train, we traveled to the beautiful town Opole, our final destination. Our study is expected to continue at University of Opole until 26/4/1398.
Also, on our first day in Opole we found Polish people very friendly and thus we could easily get to the city of Opole. When we arrived, we realized that most people were fluent in English or at least familiar with this language and we had no problem communicating with them. We then arrived at the dormitory allocated for us by taxi. During the next few days, with the help of a guide that the university had chosen for us in the Buddy Mentor Project, we had no problem in getting a feel of the city and completing process of registration.
At the end students added: “Academic English classes will be held for us this week, which is compulsory for all Erasmus students. These classes provide us with an opportunity to understand and address the problems we face in English. Also, these classes have made it possible to get acquainted with other students in the Erasmus project: students who come together from different countries and cultures. Our next classes will begin next week, and we hope we will be able to gain new experiences in the fields of education, culture and social life.
The Office of International and Scientific Cooperation of University of Mazandaran wishes a good and fruitful semester for our students in Opole

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