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Report of the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute (CI) at University of Mazandaran

The opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute, hosted by Dr. Azizi, the Director of the Office of International and Scientific Cooperation at UMZ was held on Saturday, May 14th at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, which was welcomed by the students.
Dr. Yahya Talebi Rostami, President of the University of Mazandaran and Dr. Amir Saeed Karami, representative of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology"s Office of Foreign Affairs gave their speeches in this event. On behalf of the Chinese delegation, the head of the University of Guangzhou, Mr. QU Shaobing as well as the cultural attaches of the Chinese embassy in Iran, Wang, gave their speeches as well. The ceremony was followed by the unveiling of the CI tablet by the heads of the two universities and a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two Universities of Mazandaran and Guangzhou. At the end of the ceremony, students at the University of Guangzhou performed their martial arts, which was highly appreciated by the audience.
The Office of International and Scientific Cooperation of UMZ is proud to announce that after several years of continuous effort to establishment of the second branch of the Confucius Institute of China in Iran, they were able to celebrate the inauguration in a memorable ceremony at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the University of Mazandaran.
OISC is also grateful of all those who have worked hard in this office to make this happen.
Now we invite you to watch the memorial photos of this ceremony and read the speeches in this event:
Dr Mahmoud Azizi, Director of the International and Scientific Cooperation:

Today, we are honored to have the president of Guangzhou University Professor. Shibung , Ms. Biru Liang the Director of International Office of Guangzhou University, Mr. Zhou, the Chinese co-director of Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran, Dr. Yahya Talebi Rostami, President of University of Mazandaran Dr. Amirsaeed Karami advisor of  Scientific Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology here with us for inaugurating the Confucius Institute. It is also my honor to welcome you all to this inauguration ceremony.

The Confucius Institute of University of Mazandaran after several years of efforts will be inaugurated today. It was not an easy path and a lot had to be done to get to the stage where we are today. Indeed, a lot has been done by the international offices of the two universities of Mazandaran and Guangzhou to make this dream come true.

University of Mazandaran after signing a memorandum of understanding with Guangzhou University in China received a proposal for the establishment of Confucius Institute. It is worth mentioning that the first CI was set up at University of Tehran almost 10 years ago. Thus University of Mazandaran is proud to be the second founder of the CI in Iran.

The steady assistance of the International and Scientific Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, as well as officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were crucially important in founding this language learning center at UMZ.

Dr. Talebi, UMZ president:

Dr Amir Saeed Karami, Advisor of  Scientific Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology:

First, I would like to thank the officials of University of Mazandaran, Dr. Talebi Rostami, the President of the University, Dr. Mahmoud Azizi, Director of the Office International and Scientific Cooperation of the University, and their colleagues whom tried their best hoping that we witness what we are all waiting for today, The Confucius Institute. 

We should also thank Guangzhou University, in particular, its honorable President, Professor QU Shaobing for their help and coordination in creating this institute. Undoubtedly, the importance of the ties between the two countries of Islamic Republic of Iran and the People"s Republic of China in various fields of political, economic, scientific and cultural affairs is very clear to all of us. Iran and China, one in the west and the other in east of the old continent of Asia, can complement the promoting of the scientific and technological advances of the world.

The decisions of the leaders of the two countries, and recent messages exchanged between the leaders of the two countries, emphasized upon that strategic relations between the two countries and points out to our duties to deepen relations in the fields of education and research. Here, I would like to mention briefly the education and research capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Four million students,

Twenty seven thousand foreign students,

Four thousand science and technology parks,

Two hundred growth centers

The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which has many fruitful cooperation with more than 21 countries and international organizations including the European Union, Germany, France, Austria, Russia, etc. has many joint committees. We are seeking to establish such committees with Academy of Science, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Our goals include:
1- Internationalization of Higher Education
 2- Promoting the quality of scientific research and education to achieve national and international interests
3- In continuation of resilient economy, five universities and research institutes must reach the rank of 200.
4- So we clearly see that in terms of scientific diplomacy, we are very much active and, as an example, we are hosting more than ten delegations from different universities and colleges and from all over the world on a weekly basis.

Regarding student, there are about six hundred Iranian students studying in China and there are about 130 Chinese students in Iran now.

Two months ago, attended by the Minister of Science, the Joint Meteorological Research Center at the University of Gilan was opened in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Three weeks ago, the Center for Chinese Studies inaugurated in cooperation with Allameh Tabataba"i University and the Shanghai International Studies University at Allameh Tabataba"i University. Last week, the West Asia Joint Research Center was opened at Gorgan University, in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Today, we open the second Confucian Center at University of Mazandaran. So, we see that the process of cooperation in fields of research and is positive between the two countries. But this process is mainly in the fields of basic sciences, and both sides, Iran and China, must try to put the following in their agenda.

-The development of cooperation between science and technology parks

 -Jointly Commercialization of the scientific findings of the two countries

- Development of cooperation between the centers of incubation of the two countries

  - Development of vocational training.

I must thank the university of Mazandaran and Guangzhou University for initiating this cooperation and opening the CI center

Chinese language centers at Iran:

Chinese language center at University of Shahid Beheshti in Tehran (in cooperation with Shanghai Foreign Studies)

Chinese language center at University of Tehran (in cooperation with the Confucius Institute)

Chinese language center at University of Isfahan (in cooperation with the China University)

Chinese language center at Allame Tabatabayi University

Of course, many other universities in Iran offer Chinese courses at their campuses.

Persian language centers at Chinese universities are much older and they go back to more than 50 years ago. Now in 9 Chinese universities, Persian language and literature is taught.


Mr. Wang Qingjun, The Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of China:

Honorable professor Rostami, President of University of Mazandaran,

Honorable Qu Shaobing, Chairman of University Council of Guangzhou University,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning!

On behalf of Chinese Embassy in Iran, it gives me great pleasure to extend the sincerest congratulations on University of Mazandaran and Guangzhou University. Meanwhile I also would like to give appreciation to Hanban and Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for their help and support in the efforts to establish Confucius Institute here!

As a platform for language and cultural exchanges, Confucius Institute has played a very important role in helping China develop understanding and promote friendship among people all over the world. In the past few years, Chinese Embassy in Iran has been keeping a very close contact with University of Mazandaran and Guangzhou University in great efforts to apply for and make preparations for the establishment of Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran. Today, the inauguration ceremony witnesses a great example to show the close relationship and cooperation between Iran and China.

I hope Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran can regularly hold a variety of cultural activities, keep strengthening teaching staff, develop its own characteristics and train more talents who can speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture and become envoys of friendship between Iran and China.

Last but not least, I wish Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran become better and better, making more and more progress!

Thank you!


Professor QU Shaobing, Chairman of the University:

Your Excellencies President ,

Mr. Wang,

Dr. Karami,

Dr. Azizi

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

On behalf of Guangzhou University, it is my pleasure to extend the sincerest congratulations on the establishment of Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran!


Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran is the second CI in Iran approved and established by Confucius Institute Headquarters. This is a new progress in the educational exchange and cooperation between Iran and China. It is just like a blooming flower in the friendship garden between Mazandaran and Guangzhou, and it is also a top happy event in the exchange and cooperation between University of Mazandaran and Guangzhou University.

Distance can’t separate true friends even though they are thousands of miles away from each other. Guangzhou University is located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province in Southern China. Just like University of Mazandaran, Guangzhou University is also a key university in its region. Guangzhou University was founded in 1927, and ever since then, it has attached great importance to serving the country and regarded promoting social and economic development as its responsibility. Up to now, Guangzhou University has established cooperation with more than 200 universities or research institutes in 31 countries and regions all over the world. Every year, we send about 1000 students on average to other countries  regions to study. At present, we have about 330 international students from 15 countries and regions, including 21 Iranian students (18 of them are studying for doctorate degrees and 3 are studying for master’s degrees). The Confucius Institute here is the third one co-established with Guangzhou University, the other two are in Italy and USA. It symbolizes a new stage in the international cooperation for Guangzhou University. It is also a symbol of the practice of Belt and Road Initiative and will be a promoting effort to improve the strategic partnership relationship between Iran and China, which was advocated by President XI Jinping when he visited Iran on January 23 in 2016.

Confucius is the founder of Confucianism Theory in China as well as a great thinker and educationist in the history of human beings. Confucianism Theory cherishes peace and friendship. It is the spiritual support for Chinese people and has also played a very important role in the historical development of the world. In the age of information, it is my dream and goal as well as the dream and goal of the staff members and students from Guangzhou University, to meet the needs of cultural exchanges among various civilizations, to protect multi-civilizations and keep respect and appreciation for them. Therefore, in this sense Confucius Institutes not only belong to China but also belong to the whole world.

In the past 12 years, Guangzhou University has kept a good relationship with University of Mazandaran, especially in the fields of language teaching, cultural exchange and students learning programs. Three years ago, University of Mazandaran began to send Persian language teachers to Guangzhou University; and two years ago two Iranian students got their PH.D degrees from Guangzhou University.

Guangzhou University has complete disciplines, so besides cultural exchanges, we cherish the opportunity to have a wider cooperation with University of Mazandaran in teaching and scientific research. I am sure that Confucius Institute can not only help you know more about China but also help Chinese people know more about Iran and learn from University of Mazandaran.

We will regard today as a new starting point to try our best to support the Chinese language teaching and cultural cooperation here, encouraging the exchanges of professors and students between the two universities, so that Confucius Institute becomes a platform for Iran-China cultural exchanges and a bridge of friendship and cooperation, making more contributions to the educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries!

From the bottom of my heart I hope Confucius Institute at University of Mazandaran has a brighter and brighter future, making more and more progress in educational cooperation between the two universities.  

I sincerely hope Guangzhou University can have opportunities to cooperate with more universities in Iran. I hope the people from Iran and China have deeper and ever-lasting friendship!

Last but not least, I have the pleasure to invite you to visit Guangzhou and Guangzhou University!

Thank you!


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