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Cultural Night at the University of Opole in Poland

On May 30th, the University of Opole hosted Iranian cultural night.  The ceremony, organized by a group of professors and students from the University of Mazandaran, was a memorable day for the Polish students and professors and they became familiar with the culture and customs of Iranian people
 At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Sharepour, with a comprehensive description of geography and history of Iran, introduced our country. After that, he talked about the traditional Iranian celebrations such as Nowruz, the major cities of Iran and listed Iran"s most spectacular regions
.Following the introduction of Iran"s ancient land, Dr. Tavalaee also talked about Iranian art and and introduced the calligraphy art to the audience
The most attractive part of the cultural night was hosting the audience with traditional Iranian food, such as barberry with chicken, Mirza Ghasemi, eggplant dip, Salad Shirazi and Halvah, which was prepared by the erasmus students of University of Mazandaran ( Negar Shahriari; Qonche Alizadeh, Zahra Momeni and Reza Alipour.
 During this cultural night, constructive connections were made with the professors and students of the University of Opole, and the culture, civilization and history of our nation were talked about; we were proud to see their interest about Iran and Iranian culture and the positive feedback of the audience showed that we have been able to introduce worthy face of our country to the University of Opole

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