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22:13 | 3/09/2020
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At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of UMZ

First International Student to defend his thesis in Arabic Language and Literature

According to the OISC, Asad Sattar Ajbeer Aljabirim, an international student at UMZ defended his thesis entitled The Movement of Narration in the Novel “Under the Copenhagen Sky” by Hawra al-Nadawi. Asad Sattar is the first international student at UMZ to defend his master’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Currently, there are more than 10 international students studying master’s program in Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Mazandaran.

Under the Copenhagen Sky

Under the Copenhagen Sky, by Hawra al-Nadawi

Under the Copenhagen Sky tells the love story of Huda, a teenage girl born in Copenhagen to Iraqi parents, and Rafid, an older man forced to immigrate to Denmark due to political upheavals in Iraq. The story begins when Rafid receives a letter from Huda whom he has never met before, asking him to translate her novel from Danish into Arabic. As their relationship grows, Huda begins to reveal that she knows more about him than he first thought. This novel weaves together chapters from Huda’s manuscript with Rafid’s own account of the romance that is developing between them through their email exchanges.



Hawra al-Nadawi is an Iraqi writer living in London. She was six when she and her family left Iraq for political reasons and moved to Denmark, where she grew up, learning Arabic at home. Under the Copenhagen Sky is her first novel.

Evaluating Asad Sattar Ajbeer Aljabirim’s Thesis

The judges concluded that Asad Sattar had done a great job and passed him with an excellent mark. Dr. Mostafa Kamaljoo, Dr. Hassan Goodarzi Lemraski Dr. Hossein Yousefi and Dr. Behrouz Ghorbanzadeh presided the defense session.

International Student at UMZ
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Bravo. I wish you the best of luck.
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