Admission to BA/BSc - MA/MSc - PhD


Admission to  BA/BSc - MA/MSc -  PhD

Applicants need to fill the application form, which can be found here

In addition to the application form you need to send us the following:

      1. Copy of your passport (photo identification page and expiration date)
               ● Include the page in your passport showing your full name and expiration date.

      2. Resume/curriculum vitae (CV)
               ● Include a chronological list of all employment and duties you performed.
               ● Include all degrees earned or courses attended and any other experience that may be of interest to the academic review committee.

      3. Proof of University degree completion and English translation
               ● You must hold a university degree for admission at UMZ .

               ● Submit a copy of your diploma showing award of bachelor’s or master's degree. (Diploma outside of Iran must be approved by the Iranian Embassy located in your country)

      4. Official and complete record of each course studied and marks earned in each subject (complete academic transcripts).
               ● Academic records should be issued in their original language and accompanied by English translation (usually by the university where you studid or an official translator).

      5. Registration fee
               ● Applicants are required to pay a sum of 20$ 
(or its equivalent in Rials) to one of the following bank accounts:

1955110000049 - Central branch of Melli Bank in Babolsar

952947001 - Central branch of Tejarat Bank in Babolsar

IR3801800000000000952947001 - IBAN (International Bank Account Number) at Tejarat Bank in Babolsar

* Please upload the scan of the bank slip along with other documents to 

Pre requirements:

All applicants are required to be proficient in the Persian language
      ● Notice: Should the applicants not be proficient in Persian writing or speaking, they must take part in a special Persian language learning course which is held at PLC (Persian Language Center) at the University of Mazandaran and is expected to successfully pass it. The maximum duration of the Persian language course is nine months and should be completed prior to the start of the academic program. Applicants who wish another foreign language will only need to take part in a three-month Persian language course.