About the Research Center for the Caspian Region (RCCR) 
The Caspian Sea, with the islands, lagoons, bays and estuaries of different rivers is of great ecological importance in terms of impact on the weather conditions of the neighboring regions. Due to a decrease of land resources, human demand for marine resources is increasing and in this context the geo-economic importance of the Caspian Sea because of its energy resources has gained pivotal importance. And, as the Caspian Sea littoral countries increased from 2 (formerly Russia and Iran) to 5 (Now Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) coastal countries. Over the past few year, special relations have dominated the region, and political, legal, cultural and socio-economic issues pose serious challenges to each one of the Caspian Sea coastal country. 
The rivalry of some coastal countries for economic, political and legal exploitation of the Caspian Sea region's bio-resources and energy is such that according to the available evidence in near future none of them can create the conditions in which the possibility of sustainable exploitation of the resources of the Caspian Sea is possible. This can ultimately cause the total destruction of this valuable geographical area.
Considering the strategic position of the University of Mazandaran on the Caspian Sea coast and the existence of its different faculties like the Faculty of Marine and Oceanic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences, Law and Political Science, Economics, Tourism, Arts and Architecture, Basic Sciences and the presence of professors who have done valuable research on the Caspian sea region in various fields, it can definitely act as a hub in bringing different research centers and institutes; in 2015 it was decided to establish Research Center for the Caspian Sea Region in order to  promote the related studies, investigate and make better use of its resources and pave the way for national maritime plans in the sustainable development and its exploitation .
The research center is currently active with two research groups;
- Science and Engineering of Caspian Region Group
- The Legal, Cultural and Economic Studies of the Caspian Region Group
The center has the following goals:
- Development of new marine biotechnology
- Attempts to develop knowledge-based activities in order to utilize the Caspian Sea's potentials in entrepreneurship and employment of educated and experts 
- Establishment of a national database to study and conserve the biological and non-biological resources of the region
- Research on the limits of energy consumption
- Determining the optimal share of energy carriers
- Determining the optimal fuel consumption in energy demand
- Continuous monitoring of different parts of Caspian Sea region to identify vulnerable and sensitive areas and provide new techniques for tracking, evaluation, storage, conservation and management of Caspian ecosystems, as well as studying and researching Iran's foreign policy in the Caspian region and sustainable development strategies.
- Area and related legal issues and challenges, both domestic and international (with other Caspian states) in various dimensions, environmental, economic and cultural and typology.
- Description and rooting of specific social issues of coastal and tourist regions of the Caspian Sea
 Prepare urban and regional conservation plans to prevent further environmental degradation and ecological values of the area due to unnecessary urban development and to establish a center for collaboration with research centers inside and outside the country, especially in the Caspian Sea, to develop fundamental research. 
It should be noted that this research center belongs to all researchers and elites of the large family of University of Mazandaran and does not belong to any particular group or faculty. We hope that, with the help of individual scholars and  of the University, we would be able to take successful steps towards the goals set for this research center, and by expanding the activities of this center, we will pave the way for the promotion of sustainable exploitation policies and Provide protection for this valuable geographic region.
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Goals and Subjects of Activity
Group of Science and Engineering of Caspian region 
- Development of new marine biotechnology and extraction of bioactive materials from aquatic in the region for sustainable development of marine industries in the field of health-pharmaceutical-nutrition and rearing of livestock, poultry and aquatic.
- Efforts to develop knowledge-based activities to exploit the potential of the Caspian region in the entrepreneurship and employment of educated and specialized forces, especially in the modern aquaculture in the sea.
- Development of marine engineering technologies in the Caspian region for the design and manufacture of acoustic transducers and acoustic generators, Signal Subsystems, Satellite and Radar Reception Subsystems, Satellite and Radar Converters
- Monitoring and preventing the risks of potential environmental threats, including biological, chemical, radioactive and bioterrorism contamination in the Caspian region.
- Establish a national database for the study and conservation of endemic and valuable species of the Caspian Sea (including sea lions, caviar, etc.) by conducting regular maritime patrols and bio-environmental sampling of water, litter sediments and Caspian Sea aquatics.
- Research on the limits of energy consumption, determining the optimal share of energy carriers, determining the optimal devoted of fuel consumption in the sector of energy demand, and new methods of energy management, auditing and optimization.
- Continuous monitoring and study of southern Caspian lagoons in the field of migratory aquatic birds, fish, delinquents and plankton.
- Continuous monitoring of different Caspian areas to identify vulnerable and sensitive areas and provide new techniques for tracking, evaluation, storage, conservation and management of Caspian ecosystems.
- Establishing the cooperation of this center with the research centers inside and outside of the country, especially the Caspian sea coastal countries, in order to develop fundamental and applied research in this region.
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Group of Legal, Cultural and Economic Studies of the Caspian Region
- Understanding the strategic environment of Iran in the region and the policies and approaches of the Caspian sea coastal countries.
- Investigate the events and developments in the region and its impact on national security.
- Stopping the obstacles to the proper and effective implementation of the Caspian sea Environmental Protection Framework Convention.
- Investigating areas for enhancing relations between Caspian sea coastal countries (including free trade relations through the creation of customs unions).
- Studying on Legal Disputes Related to Shipping in the Caspian region.
Study and critique of internal regulations, especially in the economic and environmental fields.
- Study of economic activities, especially in agriculture and living of urban and rural inhabitants of Caspian region.
- Typology, Description and Roots of Specific Social Issues in Mazandaran Coastal and Touristic Province
- Establish scientific and cultural links with Caspian sea coastal countries, Caucasian and Central Asian countries for sharing similar cultural, historical and archaeological backgrounds 
Analyzing and Providing Appropriate Solutions for Correcting, Removing, and Preventing Social and Cultural Injuries in the Province (Study in Two-Year Program).
- Identify strengths and weaknesses, economic, social, environmental and physical opportunities and threats and offer suggestions for sustainable utilization of urban and regional resources.
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Head of the Center: Dr. Maryam Akhoundian
E-mail : RCCR@umz.ac.ir 
Phone : +98 (011) 35302879