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A brief overview of Esperanto language program education at University of Mazandaran

  1. The possibility of offering Esperanto courses at UMZ at different academic levels,
  2. The possibility of holding formal teaching of Esperanto language to tourism students
  3. Holding formal classes as a prerequisites for all students, including international students, who intend to learn a new language and those who are interested in improving their language awareness and improving their learning efficiency.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, other issues were also dealt with and talked about in the online seminar. Professor Corsetti, with the help of a group of professors, prepared and sent a curriculum for studying Esperanto as an undergraduate program which was translated into Persian and sent to University of Mazandaran.

Moreover, an agreement was reached to hold a free and open class for teaching Esperanto. Following the agreement, the first introductory course in Esperanto started on27th of July 2021; each class lasted two hours; and the classes were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More than 100 applicants enrolled in the program. The lecturers encouraged the Esperanto language learners to be active on social networks and form different class groups and practice materials presented in class and discuss their problems. The classes lasted until the end of September and it is expected that language learners are able to continue to learn Esperanto in the following semesters.

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