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General Questions

How many students study at UMZ?

More than 14500 students are currently studying different programs at UMZ.


Can I schedule an individual visit?

Yes, for more information contact OISC.


What is the cost of living in Babolsar?

Please visit this webpage to learn about the life expenses in Babolsar.



Application Fee

How do I pay my application fee?

The application fee can be paid through a bank in Iran.


Can transfer students receive an application fee waiver?



May I be exempted from paying the application fee?





Are there secondary school course requirements for BA admission?



Do I need certain grades or marks to be considered for admission?

We recognize that schools vary by size, academic program, and grading policies, so we do not have rigid grade requirements.


What is the application deadline?

Please visit this webpage to find out.


Are my chances of admission enhanced if a relative has attended UMZ?

The application process is the same for all candidates.



Early Action

I am also applying to colleges outside of the Iran. May I apply to them at the same time as I apply to UMZ?



Must I have my official documents translated?

Any document that is not in English or Persian must be accompanied by a certified translation.


What does "conditional admission" mean?

There are various types of conditional offers of admission: Conditions on undergraduate degree: Candidates are admitted, but must provide, no later than the time of registration, proof of successful completion of the degree required by the program to which they have been admitted. Students who cannot provide proof of a degree are not allowed to register for study programs at UMZ.


Does UMZ offer distance-learning courses?

Yes, UMZ currently offers different such programs.


Does UMZ offer summer or winter programs?



What is PLC?

"Persian Language Center" for non-Persian language speakers


Is it really necessary to participate in a PLC program?

Yes, it is necessary for all non-Persian speakers to learn the Persian language before starting a degree program at UMZ.


I have a bachelor's degree. May I apply to BA?



What if English is not my first language?

No English language certificate is required.


What if Persian is not my first language?

You need to participate in a PLC program.


Who should write my recommendations?

Your former teachers


Who reads the applications?

Office of International and Scientific Cooperation and the department which you want to apply to. The entire process takes 8 to 10 weeks.


Does UMZ admit students for spring semester?

Yes, but you need to participate at PLC Persian language programs for 6 to 9 months.


Is there an interview required for admission?

Generally no, but it may be required for some PhD students.


What should students know about visas?

International students will be provided with information about applying for a student visa.


Where can I find the application form?

To download the application form, please visit this webpage.


When will I be informed whether I am admitted or refused?

Please contact OISC


How long is the duration of studies?

BA: 3/5-4/5 years MA: 2/5-3 years PhD: 3/5-4/5 years


Can I do more than one program at a time?

Students can only pursue one program at a time.


Can I go on with a PhD after having completed the MA?





What percentage of faculty members teach undergraduates?

More than 80 percent.


What percentage of faculty members teach postgraduates?

Almost all of them.


How large are the classes?

The average BA class size has 20-40 and the average MA and PhD class size has 4-10 students.


Is it possible to get to know my professors?

Yes. In addition to weekly office hours, students often spend time with their professors before and after class.



Campus Life

Is on-campus housing guaranteed?



Must I live on campus?

No, not necessarily, it is all based on your preferences. UMZ can also provide you with some of the basics of the off-campus living.


What will my room look like?

Most freshman dorms have suites for three to six students. Suites contain from two to four bedrooms and a common room. A few have their own baths, though most share a bathroom with other suites. Some dorms contain doubles, usually one fairly large room with a shared bath.


Where will I take my meals?

Students can eat at the Central Restaurant of the campus.



Submitted Application

I submitted something by mistake. Can you remove it from my file?

Yes. Please contact OISC.


I submitted my application, but did not receive a confirmation from UMZ. How do I know if you received it?

Please contact OISC.


Have my application materials been received? (Including Common Application forms, or supplemental materials)

Please contact OISC.


My contact information has changed since I submitted my application. How can I correct it?

Please contact OISC.


Can I add to or change something I wrote on my Common Application forms?

Please contact OISC.


How can I add new accomplishments/awards/accolades to my submitted application?

We understand that you might receive new recognitions or awards after you’ve submitted your application. We welcome the submission of this additional notable information. Contact OISC and send it to OISC e-mail.


Paying the application fee is a hardship for my family. Can I get a waiver?



Do I need to move to Babolsar? Is there a residency requirement?

Yes, but with the exception of PhD student under the following conditions. During the first year, there is a requirement to attend courses. After the completion of the preliminary dissertation, attendance is not compulsory and periodical visits to Babolsar can be arranged by agreement with your supervisor.


Do I have access to sports or leisure facilities?

Yes, all of our BA/MA and PhD students have access to the University of Mazandaran's sports and cultural facilities.


Does the Institute have parking facilities?