About GU


Guangzhou University (GU) is a comprehensive and key public university dually affiliated to Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangdong Provincial Government with a history of over 70 years. The university has two campuses covering a total area of 153.3 hectares. The major campus is located in thesouthwestern part of Guangzhou Higher Education Meager Center (or XiaoGuWeiIsland) and the other one is located in downtown (Gui Hua Gang) of Guangzhou.


GU has a teaching and research staff of 2400, including three academicians and 7 double-hired academicians. It has approximately 1400 full-time faculty members, amongst whom 351 are professors. The number of the current full-time undergraduates of GU is over 30000. The University has 27 colleges, offering 81undergraduate majors, doctoral degree programs in 3 Level-I disciplines, masterdegree programs in 26 Level-I and 95 Level-II disciplines as well as 9 professional Master’s degree programs and is authorized to run 3 Post-PhD programs. All of its majors require students’ scores to be above the one for entering first-class universities in college entrance examination.The goal of the university is to mold itself as a comprehensive university and have a special place and position among universities of similar type.

Figures and Facts

Undergraduate Students                                      28142

Graduate Students                                              3332

Undergraduate Programs                                     87

Ph.D. Programs of the Primary Discipline             3

Ph.D. Programs of the Secondary Discipline         19

Master’s Programs of the Primary Discipline         26

Master’s Programs of the Secondary Discipline     155

Master’s Programs of Professional Degrees           9

Schools and colleges                                            27

Affiliated Institutes                                              4

Affiliated colleges                                                2 

Mission and Vision


Cultivate talents meeting the demands of the economic and social development of the local area, and deeply integrate into the development of Guangzhou City as a National Center City of China.


To be one of the top universities in China and be well-known in the world.


Provideing education is our foundation,carrying out academic research is our core cultivating talents is our strength, and serving the society is our honor.


Study Extensively and Be Learned , Keep up with the Times.