Dear Prospective Student,

Choosing the right university to study at is often one of the most important and challenging decisions in a student’s life. University of Mazandaran welcomes students who do not settle for less than high achievement. Our University embraces students who can take part in learning and gaining an overall educational experience, and those who can successfully achieve their goals at the University.

The Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC) manages and oversees the international affairs of foreign students who study at our University. Additionally, the Office is responsible for developing and administering international student exchange programs and signing and implementing memorandums along with participation in international seminars and conferences as well as cooperation with academic partners. We welcome and provide various services for incoming international students and visiting staff. Excellence and diversity are the values which help a university to grow and thrive. Our success at the University of Mazandaran lies in our educational approach, one which values the personal, professional, and intellectual development of its students.

University of Mazandaran students are of various age groups and they come from different backgrounds, regions and countries. This way they bring with them a wide range of experiences and interests to enrich our educational community. For over half a century, University of Mazandaran has been broadening its range of academic activities through research and education. And the University’s Office of International and Scientific Cooperation facilitates the admission process for overseas students. It does its best to ensure that a timely and comprehensive completion of admission process happens; it also keeps pace with the expansion of new
faculties and majors. The more you learn about UMZ the more you want to be a part of its exciting community and we look forward to seeing you here at the University of Mazandaran.

All the best,

Dr. Mahmoud Azizi

Director of the Office of International and

Scientific Cooperation (OISC)

A Short Biography:

Dr Azizi was born in Qaemshahr -former Shahi- a small city in northern Iran. He did his early education in this city and afterwards moved to Tehran to carry out his BA and MA studies at the University of Tehran. At that University he was lucky enough to have attended the classes of some of the most outstanding English teachers the English Literature Department of that university had ever seen. In 1991 he took his MA entrance (written) examination and came out as the 3rd best and was granted a full scholarship by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT); due to certain circumstances that came up at that particular time in his life, he decided, however, to switch over his matriculation to the University of Tehran instead. He eventually received his MA degree from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of this University with the best grade in 1994. His MA thesis which was on Joseph Conrad and the political despair in his major novels was then praised as one of the best and most original theses ever written.

During his MA years (three and a half years), he taught at a number of different universities in Tehran which would later prove as an immensely precious asset in forming his future career as a teacher. Immediately after finishing his Master's program he joined the Islamic Azad University of Qaemshahr in order to do his conscription; this took him four years. In 1998 and immediately after finishing up his military service (working as a teacher) at IAU, he  joined the English Language and Literature Department of the University of Mazandaran. From then on he served as the head of the department for three terms and taught a number of different literature courses. In 2003, he started his PhD program at the PUC in India; he did his PhD thesis on the Australian Nobel prize winner Patrick White with the supervision of Professor Pruthi, a former Oxford University Professor and a published author and critic on Australian literature.

Responsibilities at UMZ’s International Office:
- Recruitment of international students,
- Cataloguing information that is needed for picking up a program at the university,
- Identifying platforms through which potential students are informed about the programs available,
- Enhancement of international students’ language proficiency through different language programs held at UMZ’s Language Center,
- Introducing to foreign applicants who are eager to study various academic program the potentials of the university,
- Helping international students to find accommodation and settle down during the first few weeks after arrival,
- Helping international students deal with their consular as well as administrative affairs,
- Designing and publishing information pamphlets and prospectuses that provide essential information.